YeTi Charity Events ‘Get Ted to Boston’

Saturday 15th June 2019

Ye Ti are four guys named Dox, Mike, Josh and Joe that undertake extreme physical challenges for charitable causes. Those 4 and many others took part in a Day of Movement where all participants walked, jogged or ran for 24 hours continuously at Apedale Country Park to raise money for Ted, who was then 16 months old.

From 8 weeks old Teddy began to appear poorly and was in and out of hospital but his condition was unknown. Eventually, in May 2018, after months of uncertainty, Teddy was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic condition called Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome (AGS). Teddy was around 1 in 400 in the world to be diagnosed with this neurological condition.

The treatment came at a significant cost and was only available in Boston, USA. The fund-raising efforts of many helped to fund vital trips to America for the specialist treatments. Tom was proud to help with massage therapy throughout the day to treat any aches and pains.

Mitch Hulme’s Stoke to Brum ‘Run for Dolly

Wednesday 28th April 2021

A huge well done goes to Mitch Hulme for completing his back to back marathon from Stoke to Birmingham with the help of Tom’s massage and coaching! All for a worthy cause close to his heart.

Mitch successfully raised £10,000 by running the 54 mile distance in one day to fund his daughter Dolly’s motorised wheelchair. Dolly has severe cerebral palsy and needed the wheelchair for mobility.

Run For Dolly

Tom saw to his body’s needs throughout the day to ensure he could complete this huge long-distance run, but the real hero of the day was his close mate Mitch.

If you would like massage therapy at a sporting charity event, get in touch with Tom on 07494 820460.

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