Lara, our new massage therapist, had a chat with one of the apprentices about her role, studies and what led her into working at SYF.

Welcome to Shape Your Future! Going back to when you chose to study Sports Therapy at Birmingham City University, what drew you to massage therapy?

I was drawn to sports therapy because I had an interest in anatomy and how the body works. Also, I wanted to learn how to help those who had injuries. Massage is a very good form of therapy for those with muscular injuries and they can make such a difference. It’s so interesting to see.

How did you find uni? What did you learn most from your Sports Therapy course?

Uni was very interesting, to do a course that can start your dream career is amazing! Yet it was a lot of hard work to complete all the assignments and take in all the information needed to get my degree. What I learned most was that treatments for certain injuries can change as it is an ever-evolving subject- everyone is different with regards to reaction to certain treatments and I need to adapt to it.

What was it like working on a placement at Coventry United Ladies FC and what was it like working with a team of footballers?

The placement was incredible; I enjoyed every training session and match I attended. I had the opportunity to assist in rehab sessions and observe some very talented Physios who helped me understand and develop my skills as a sports therapist. I got along well with the footballers. They were of similar age to me and they are very talented as well.

What made you want to work at SYF?

A few reasons to be honest; one being, when I went to my first interview, they helped me feel at ease when showing them what I could do. Also, my now colleagues are very friendly and made me feel like I was a part of a new family. They are always there if I need any help at all and observing the first few sessions with Tom and Ewen helped me find my feet and get into the rhythm of working in the clinic. Another reason being, the clinic itself is very nice, the gym and massage room both look professional, which is a great impression for when new and old clients come in for treatment.

What do you enjoy most about being a massage therapist?

When people come in, whether they are friends of mine already or people I haven’t met before, complain about an injury causing them pain, and once they’ve had a massage session with me, they feel so much better. This really makes me feel like I’ve helped someone out as now they can live day to day without the pain.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of massage therapy?

I have recently become a swimming teacher with my own lessons, I mostly have the younger ones who are new to swimming and I help get their confidence up in the water. When I was younger, I used to swim competitively. Once I finished with that, I started playing football. Now I go running to keep my fitness up and to keep my mind and body healthy, so I have always been a sporty person and I hope to keep it that way.

Lara’s massage appointments in clinic are available to book online. Appointments are usually Monday and Tuesday between 16:00-21:00 and Thursdays between 9:00-13:00. Book an excellent sports massage, relaxation massage, or migraine/tension relief massage with a graduate sports therapist in clinic:

Home visits are also available to book for people without transport living in areas in Staffordshire south of Stone, such as Stafford, Cannock and Hednesford:

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