Following on from SYF’s beginner workout plan, S&C coach Rhys steps it up slightly with this intermediate training plan. The exercises in the sessions require more explosive and technical movements to the beginner workout plan to test your aerobic endurance and power.

Maybe you’re a semi-pro sportsperson that has been forced into a 6-12 month break from sport. Maybe you were previously keen on fitness but have lost the motivation doing the same old runs. Follow the weekly workout plan above, which correspond to the numbered sessions and circuits below. Do this for 4 weeks to improve your overall fitness ready for sports performance. Let’s get you back fit!

Session 1

Exercises Reps Sets 
Split Squats 8-10 
Jumping Lunges 10-12 each side 
Single leg Good Mornings 10-12 
Box Jumps 10 

Session 2

Exercises Reps Sets 
Archer Press ups 12 
Dips To Failure 
Clap Press ups 
Thirsty tiger press ups 

Session 3

Exercises Reps Sets 
Sofa Deadlifts 10-12 
Supermans 10-12 
Australian Pull ups 
Single leg Glute Bridge 10 

Session 4

Exercises Reps Sets 
Bag lateral raises 10 
Bag front raises 10 
Bag overhead press 10 
Plyo Press ups 

Cardio Circuit 1 

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds back to back (one round). Perform 5 rounds! 

Mountain climbers 
Heel tap star jumps 
Alt knee to elbows 
B boys 
Tuck Jumps 
Plank Jacks 

Cardio Circuit 2 

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds back to back (one round). Perform 5 rounds! 

Ski Jumps 
Squat Thrusts 
180o Squat Jumps 
V ups 

Cardio Hill sprints 

Find a good hill with 6-8% gradient, each rep is 10-15 second sprint max effort, walk back down and repeat. The reps will change each session. 

Good luck!

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